At CHESNET, we pride ourselves on being a lot more than just another MSP. We take the time to truly understand what's going on with you and your business, we provide custom care solutions that include but are not limited to:

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Our certified, friendly, Pennsylvania based engineers know you by name and are here to help 24x7.  


We proactively monitor your infrastructure and network to ensure issues are detected and resolved behind the scenes before they impact you or your business.


Following a disaster, our backup and business continuity services will ensure your data is protected and accessible from the cloud.


We help you identify your compliance requirements, risks, and build a customized technology plan to strategically limit your risk and meet your compliance requirements.



Chesnet Anywhere Care


No Charge Assesment

Chesnet does an assement of you and your equipment to ensure we will be a good fit for what you need or expect in IT services. All at no charge normaly takes up to and 1 hour.


Make the Plan

Based on what your needs are and what it takes to give you and your Business to stay safe in the out of controll Cyber world we live in.


Implement the Chesnet IT services 

We take what is learned during the Assesment and provide a custome IT and or repair service that is just what you need we do not push sales or up sell things you just dont need or want.

Imagine not having to worry about your computer. Imagine not needing to give a second thought to viruses, hackers, upgrades, maintenance, patches, or other computer maintenance needs . With our CA Care Plans you don’t need to. Keeping up with your computer needs can be a very time consuming and overwhelming job for a person to handle. With so many small home based businesses and small offices, there is no IT team in place to handle these day to day activities. 

That’s where Chesnet comes in:  Managed services allows us to help prevent issues before they become costly projects.

Allow Chesnet to become your IT department and take care of your system for you. 

We offer managed support packages with add-on options.  You can pick the package that is best for you or your business!

Our managed services package includes a small, low resource agent that runs on your Workstation or Server. It will detect and notify Chesnet PC Tenologies about critical issues on your systems. Subscribers will benefit by receiving faster repairs, quick access to support and an overall higher quality of service. In many cases your issues are detected and resolved before you realize there was an issue to begin with.

Need your own custom package? We can configure a setup just for your unique needs. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.  

*On-site or Remote setup required. Includes Workstation and Server audit to confirm system health prior to setup.


What the Managed CA Care Plan includes:

Managed Anti-Malware Protection with No malware Guarantee – Our Award winning software that protects your computer 24/7. The advantage of utilizing Managed Anti-Malware software is that it is programmed to alert us of any threats found so that immediate action can be taken to remove them for you. Our Managed Anti-Malware solution includes a No Virus Guarantee – If malicious software gets past our defenses, we will remove it at no charge to you.

Remote Support – Have a quick computer question? Got a strange error message on your screen? Need some help installing a new printer? We can take care of these issues and more with Remote Support sessions, which are discounted in our CA TOTAL and CA PRO Care Plans.

 Software updates – This is all done for you in the background so you don’t have to guess whether or not an update pop-up is legitimate.

Website filtering – If you need Parental Control features, that’s built in too. You can block specific sites, or whole categories of websites such as Adult, Drugs, Violence, etc.

Automated mini tune-ups- Helps to keep your computer optimized

 24/7 System Monitoring – We monitor the health of your computers proactively. If we receive an alert – we’ll take steps ASAP to reduce any downtime to your business or home computer.

**This Plan does not include hardware repairs, new PC setup, data recovery, or personal tutoring**

CA BASIC CARE: Our CA BASIC CARE Plan offers 24/7 Monitoring of your computer hardware and software. The perfect hybrid for basic monitoring and alerting. This plan notifies us any alerts your computer may be giving us, allowing us to be proactive instead of reactive.

CA TOTAL CARE: This plan is best for Homes, & Home Office businesses.  This plan offers 24/7 monitoring, managed anti-Malware, web content filtering, Windows and 3rd party updates, daily safety/health check.  

CA PRO CARE: Our CA PRO CARE plan includes everything in TOTAL CARE as well as Remote Support. The great thing about this is that 90% of repairs and maintenance can be done remotely. This saves you money! If it’s determined that a repair or project work cannot be completed remotely at our discretion we will schedule a service appointment which gets billed at a 25% reduced hourly rate.

Unlimited Online Managed Backup powered by Backblaze… $75 /year/8.99/monthly per endpoint unlimted. 
Complete PC Tune-up – $49 every 3 months per Computer.

Purchase one of our Packages for better savings!

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Please Note:

***Our Protection and Complete Care Packages can only be applied to machines that have been checked and verified by us to be free of malware. If your computer is infected it will need to be cleaned by us prior to installing this package. Contact us with any questions .***
** Chesnet PC Technologies holds the right to terminate your CA Care Protection plan if we feel that you are abusing the Unlimited anti Malware Removals.


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